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Rothko's Pillows

Kieran Valde


Various Dimensions

Inspired by Mark Rothko's colour field paintings, Valde has translated Rothko's rectangle forms into soft textile sculptures. Rothko worked as an art teacher and greatly admired children's art for its accessibility and authenticity; he aimed to cultivate a deep appreciation for artistic expression in his students, a value Valde emphasizes by situating his sculptures at a community music festival. Viewers adult and children alike, are encouraged to gently sit or lay comfortably with the painterly, colour-filled pillows.

Gallery label, July 2019

Elise Dawson

The installation was premiered at Real Love Summer Fest, in Teulon, Manitoba, July 2019.

The installation was exhibited at "Just Because: A Showing of recent works by Elise Dawson and Kieran Valde" at Forth (Winnipeg) in September 2019.

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